Nanlite launches Pavotube II 6C 10″ 6W LED w/ internal battery

Nanlite has launched its latest PavoTube II 6C 10-inch 6W RGBWW LED Tube featuring portable design and long runtime with an internal battery supporting USB-C charging. It is fully dimmable down to 0% from 100% and covers the full RGB spectrum. In addition, the new 6W Nanlite PavoTube II 6C features a maximum output of 520 lumens with high CRI / TLCI scores for color accuracy, and it also comes with 15 pre-programmed special lighting effects.

With the Nanlite W-2 Wifi adapter, you can also establish a wireless connection with the new PavoTube II 6C. You can use a mobile app or Nanlite RC-1 remote control to tweak the LED parameters wirelessly.

PavoTube 6C also features two 1/4 20″ receivers as well as powerful magnets that make the mounting process super easy. The magnets provide a stable grip to this LED allowing it to stick on any metallic surface at any angle. And the small 10″ size makes it very portable and versatile.

Supporting a built-in rechargeable 3.7V/2200mA Li-Ion battery, the new Nanlite PavotTube 6C delivers up to 65 minutes of runtime at full brightness. For additional runtime, the 6-watt tube also accepts power banks.

In terms of brightness and color, Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGBWW features a maximum output of 520 lumens (183Lux at 1m 5600K), an adjustable color temperature from 7500-2700K, and a high CRI & TLCI of 95 and 97 respectively.

Pre-Programmed Special Effects

The latest Nanlite PavoTube II 6C features 15 pre-programmed special lighting effects that are simply not possible to emulate in a studio. These effects include:

  1. Hue Loop
  2. CCT Loop
  3. CCT Flash
  4. Hue Flash
  5. CCT Pulse/ Hue Pulse
  6. Storm
  7. Police Car
  8. TV
  9. Paparazzi
  10. Fire
  11. Disco
  12. Bad Bulb
  13. Fireworks
  14. Explosion
  15. Welding

In addition, the 10″ LED tube can also cycle through the entire RGB spectrum at a speed of your choice.

Nanlite Pavotube II 6C LED Tube Specifications

Nanlite Pavotube II 6C
LED TypeRGB+WW portable LED Tube
Tube Length10″
Tube Diameter1.5″
Color Temperature2700K-7500K with green/magenta adjustment
Lumen Output 5600K520 Lumen
Lux @ 1m 5600K183lux
BatteryBuilt-in Rechargeable 3.7V/2200mA Li-Ion
Battery Run Time65 mins at 100% Brightness
ChargingUSB Type-C
Wireless Control2.4ghz
Mount2x 1/4 20″ Receivers, Magnets

What’s Included?

  • Pavotube II 6C
  • USB-C to USB-A Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • 3x Ferrous Metal Mount Plates
  • Carry Bag
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty (extendable with 1 additional year)

Nanlite Pavotube II 6C Price and Availability

The new Nanlite Pavotube II 6C LED Tube is available to order at a price of $99 USD with internal battery.

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