Aputure launches flagship LS 300X LED with expanded Bi-Color

Aputure has launched its latest flagship LS 300X LED light featuring a wide CCT range (2700K -6500K) that goes beyond traditional Bi-Color LEDs. It uses a special color-blending optical element in front of the LED source combining the bi-color chipset into one cohesive point source. The new Aputure LS 300X LED is a step up from LS C300d II featuring expanded bi-color range, new CCT control wheel, new output modes, & new built-in lighting effects as well.

Supporting Bowens-S mount, this new flagship is compatible with a wide range of modifiers and accessories. Just like 300d II, the latest 300X LED equips the same type of lamp head and control box. Additionally, the LS 300X can operate on a single or double battery (same as C300d II) on half output or full output respectively.

New CCT Control Wheel

Despite having similarities, there are some differences between the new Aputure LS 300X and LS C300d II as the latest 300X LED includes a new CCT Control Wheel on the control box that is not present in the C300D II. This CCT wheel allows a user to tweak CCT values in +/- 50K increments. In the middle of this wheel, there is also a “PRESET” that will allow a user to toggle between 5 common CCT presets (2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5500K, 6500K) for quick accessibility.

Max and Constant Output Modes

Aputure LS 300x also comes with Max Output and Constant Output mode. The Max Output mode ensures maximum output for your CCT and dimming level whereas the Constant Output mode allows you to change the CCT precisely while maintaining consistent light output.

Built-in Lighting FX

Taking advantage of wide Bi-color support, the new Aputure LS 300X features 9 built-in lighting effects with adjustable color temperature. This allows a filmmaker to emulate lighting effects that are simply not possible to create in a studio. These 9 animated effects include:

  1. Paparazzi
  2. Fireworks
  3. Lightning
  4. Faulty Bulb
  5. TV
  6. Pulsing
  7. Strobe
  8. Explosion
  9. Fire

Brightness and Color Accuracy

Although the latest Aputure LS 300X is already bright enough on its own, with the help of Fresnel 2X, the LS 300x can produce over 56,000 lux at 1 meter. However, the brightness value varies according to the CCT and beam angle. In terms of color accuracy, LS 300X features an impressive CRI and TLCI rating of 96+, a tungsten SSI score of up to 85, and a D55 SSI score of up to 74.

Aputure LS 300X Price and Availability

Check out the current price and availability for the latest Aputure LS 300X LED.

Aputure LS 300X Specifications

Aputure LS 300X
Accessory MountBowens
Power Consumption (max)350W
Operating Current3.5A
Color Temperature2700K – 6500K
CRI / TLCI / CQS96 / 96 / 95
SSI Tungsten85
SSI Daylight (D55)74
Radio Frequency2.4 GHz
Remote Operating Distance100m
Cooling MethodActive Cooling
Battery Operating Voltage14.4v
APP Control TypeBluetooth 5.0 Mesh
DMX512 CompatibleYes
Operating Temperature-10℃ to 45℃
Weight11.387 Kg
PriceCheck price

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