Sony A7SIII Could Support 4k 120p but Color Sampling Could Still Be an Issue

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Sony A7SIII is probably the most anticipated camera these days due to the number of rumors spreading wildly. Earlier, it was assumed that Sony A7SIII will support an 8k sensor but that assumption landed nowhere. There have been numerous competitors in the video market lately and Sony Alpha users are craving for an update as A7S II (which was once crowned as the best mirrorless camera for video shooters) seems a bit dated now.

Sony A7SIII is said to launch somewhere at the beginning of 2020 but the information is not official. According to rumors, it will 4k 120p which videographers will admire. Sony has been struggling with the heat issue for a long time due to which it couldn’t even achieve 4k 60p. To deal with those limitations, the new model will have a built-in fan which would keep the camera cool even at 4k 120p.

As of now, none of Sony’s mirrorless camera supports 10 bits per channel and it is a limitation that video shooters never liked due to the banding that could be seen at with 8 bits. Although A7SIII could achieve 10 bit 4:2:0, the likeliness of having 10 bit 4:2:2 output is very low. But according to Sony’s representative, A7SIII would go beyond expectations.

PhotoPlus 2019 Expo is around the corner but rumors suggest that there won’t be any announcement for the A7SIII. We hope that the price remains justifiable.

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