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We publish content on the latest cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and all the gear and accessories used in photography and filmmaking. With the help of the information and reviews we provide, you can make an educated decision about choosing the right kind of product. No matter if you’re involved in a small photography or videography project, or a large scale film production, you have lots of beneficial stuff to explore here.

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SOUNDELICIT – On this website. you will find the latest news, reviews, and guides on the Music Industry. It covers products used in Music Studio, Live concerts, Field recording, SFX, etc.

TECHNOISER – Here you will find all the information on products with the latest technology such as PC hardware, Gadgets, Displays, etc.

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Ishaan Sarna - Founder of Technoiser, Isolapse, and Soundelicit

Ishaan Sarna

Founder of Soundelicit, Technoiser, & Isolapse. Music Producer by profession and also a Tech Enthusiast.