Ikan Stryder SW-IP100: A new 100W IP54 daylight LED fresnel

Meet the new Ikan 100W Stryder SW-IP100 IP54 daylight field LED fresnel light that features a bright consistent color temperature supporting a high CRI & TLCI of 95 and 98 respectively. At 28° spot, this LED is capable of outputting 22100 lux at 1m. Whereas at 53° flood, it can output up to 5678 lux at the same distance. Compared to some other 100W LED fresnel lights in the market, the Stryder SW-IP100 seems a little pricy at $1599 but it comes with some additional essential accessories.

What’s Included?

The new 100W Ikan Stryder SW-IP100 ships the following:

  • Fresnel Spot to Flood Mount x1
  • Barn Doors x1
  • Gel Frame x1
  • Power Adapter w/ Stand Clamp x1
  • V-Mount Adapter w/ Stand Clamp x1

With the help of a single knob at the back, the LED can be fully dimmed down to 0% from 100% without losing the color accuracy. In order to dissipate heat, the SW-IP100 features a fanless passive cooling design. Because there is no fan involved, the LED is free from noise that can sometimes potentially ruin the audio recording workflow on the set.

The included 5″ Fresnel Spot to Flood Mount broadens the beam angle support of this LED to 53° from 28°. And the addition of 4-way barn doors will help you to shape and direct the light.

Along with a power adapter, the Stryder SW-IP100 also comes with a V-Mount battery adapter that conveniently clamps onto your light stand without getting in the way.

Weather Sealing

The Stryder SW-IP100 is the first LED from Ikan that features IP54 rating making it both dust and splash-proof. So without having to worry, you can take this LED out in harsh environmental conditions.

Ikan Stryder SW-IP100 100W IP54 daylight LED fresnel | Specifications

Ikan 100W Stryder SW-IP100
Power Consumption100W
Lens5″ Fresnel
Color TemperatureDaylight 5600K
Beam AngleSpot: 28 degree
Flood: 53 degree
IP RatingIP54
PhotometricsFlood: 5678 lux at 1m
Spot: 22100 lux at 1m
Battery TypeV-Mount
Battery Lifeup to 1.5 hours
Cooling SystemFanless Cooling Passive
Dimensions28″ x 15″ x 10″
Product Weight6 lbs / 2.72 Kg
Shipping Weight20 lbs / 3.07 Kg
Price$1599 USD
Ikan Stryder SW-IP100 100W IP54 daylight LED fresnel specifications

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