PolarPro BaseCamp: The Lightest Matte Box System Ever Made

PolarPro just announced an ultralight matte box which it calls BaseCamp. Presently, it is the industry’s lightest matte box system. It includes an impressive mechanism that rotates the Circular Polarizing filter to control the strength of Variable ND filter. However, instead of VND, you can also use the Circular Polarizer Filter with a straight ND filter or just operate the CP on its own.

Since this matte box just weighs 298g, it will be the best choice specifically for aerial shoots. Additionally, it will also be extremely helpful for filmmakers who shoot with a gimbal. BaseCamp is a 100% tool-less matte box system so you can easily mount the additional accessories in a matter of seconds.

There are two kits available for PolarPro BaseCamp. One of them is a Base Kit where you can customize your selections according to your needs. Whereas the other one is a VND kit which comes with pre-defined essential components. Both the kits come with a Core, Hood, Flag, Clamp Rings, and EVA Case.


This kit includes

  • Core
  • Hood
  • Flag
  • EVA Case
  • Clamp Rings
  • 77mm Thread Plate
  • 82mm Thread Plate
  • VND 2-5 Filter
  • CP Filter

Base Kit

Along with the essentials in this kit, you can select thread plates ranging from 67 to 82mm, ND filters ranging from ND2 to ND256, Variable ND filters from VND 2-5 to VND 6-9. Moreover, you can also add rail mounts, Light Flu and Circular Polarizer Filters. The Rail Mount is available in 3 different models LWS 15, Studio 15, and Studio 19.

Although you can use a straight ND filter, but if you opt for a Variable ND filter you must use a circular polarizer filter to achieve the variable potential.

The PolarPro BaseCamp VND kit retails for a regular price of $699.99 USD but due to the promotional period, it will cost you $599.99 with a 100$ discount. Even the base kit is currently on a $100 discount costing 299.99 USD but this will add up as you increase the additional accessories.

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