Tilta Launches Tiltaing MB-T15 Mini Matte-Box and FF-T06 Mini Follow Focus System

Bringing affordable solutions to the market, Tilta is launching its new Tiltaing MB-T15 Mini Matte Box and Tiltaing FF-T06 Mini Follow Focus System. Both of them are light in weight and costs the same at $99. According to Tilta, these products are available only for a limited time with a 15% promotional discount.

Tiltaing MB-T15 Mini Matte Box

Weighing at 140g, Tilta Tiltaing MB-T15 Mini Matte Box is specifically designed for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras and lenses. Along with this matte box, you can also take advantage of the french flag for controlling reflections, flares, casting shadows, and negative fills.

There is also an option for a kit that includes the Mini Matte Box, the french flag, and four Adapter rings (82mm, 77mm, 67mm, and 72mm). Even more, the kit comes with a 15mm matte box support that secures the lens in place as well as ensures its stability.

MB-T15 mini matte box supports screw-on or 4″x5.65″ filters. In order to mount the screw-on filters, you need to attach them via the adapter rings. Whereas the 4″x5.65″ filters will fit inside the front slot. Additionally, the 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting points and cold shoe mounts provide the ability to connect accessories like LED lights or a microphone.

FF-T06 Mini Follow Focus

Tilta Tiltaing FF-T06 Mini Follow Focus system features a lightweight design offering complete functionality of a standard follow-focus system. Not only does the focus wheel supports 360-degree rotation, but it also comes with adjustable hard stops. Furthermore, the focus wheel features a fluid dampening system for precision focusing.

Due to the single adjustable rod attachment design, FF-T06 can connect to any cine lens. The 15mm rod adapter allows the follow focus system to mount to any standard 15mm rails. To mark specific points, FF-T06 also comes with a marking disk which is both removable and cleanable as well.

Tilta Tiltaing FF-T06 Mini Follow Focus system also comes with a kit that includes the Mini Follow Focus, a Zip Tie Follow Focus Ring, a 15mm single rod attachment, two allen keys, a 15mm single rod attachment, and a portable case.

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