HOYA PROND Filter Kit Launched with 3 Different ND Filters

Hoya Filters are used in both still photography and filmmaking to control the light in several ways. With the launch of Hoya PROND Filter Kit, photographers will get 3 different types of ND filters suitable for different needs. The new kit contains PROND8, PROND64, and PROND1000. All three filters boast Metallic ACCU-ND coating that protects any color shifts.

Beginning with the strongest ND filter, Hoya PROND1000. Since it aims at fantasy-like results, it reduces light by a whopping 10 f-stops of light. Because of this, you get numerous advantages as you can open wider aperture even in bright sunlight. This will give you a great shallow depth of field. Another benefit is that you can set the shutter speeds up to 16 seconds or more. As a result, you will get dramatic results.

Compared to PROND1000, the Hoya PROND64 ND filter offers a lesser reduction of light by 6 f-stops. You can use this filter to apply blur to moving objects. But that’s not all, you can still open wider aperture and obtain flattering DOF in daylight. The results won’t be as dramatic as PROND1000. Lastly, PROND8 ND Filter. It will reduce the light by 3 f-stops and the results will be gentle. This filter works best when you don’t want longer shutter speed or blur, but still need to open wide aperture at daytime to get shallow DOF.

All three of these lens filters in this HOYA PROND Filter Kit promises neutral color balance without any color shifts. Check out our article on recently released Hoya Starscape Light Pollution Cut Filter.

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