Photoshop Object Selection Tool is Coming to Deliver Amazing Results

Adobe Photoshop is soon going to add a new feature called Object Selection Tool to provide a faster selection workflow. It works on Adobe’s sensei machine learning technology. Unlike the popular Quick Selection and Magic Wand, Object Selection Tool works on simple click and drag fundamentals with a marquee or Lasso selection. The results with this new tool are so much better and save a lot of time.

To operate this tool, just click and drag over the subject you want to select. It will automatically detect the desired subject and do the work for you. Not only that, you can also select a specific part of the subject by the same click and drag action. To subtract or add even more items to selection, you have the freedom to do so with this tool. Even more exciting feature is the ability to select non-contiguous subjects with just one stroke.

Object selection tool in photoshop defaults with rectangular marquee mode but you can also change this mode to Lasso. This tool will also be available in the powerful Select and Mask workspace. So you can easily boost your selection process with great results and minimum efforts.

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