Hasselblad Phocus software update comes for desktop & mobile

Hasselblad recently announced an update to the PHOCUS image processing software for both desktop and mobile. The PHOCUS update 3.5 for desktop brings features such as Defringe Tool, improved contrast & brightness adjustments, Luma Mode to the Curves Tool, and upgraded processing performance. Whereas the PHOCUS Mobile 2 update 1.0.1 adds lens correction for the latest Hasselblad XCD 45P and offers several improvements for optimal mobile user experience.

Hasselblad PHOCUS Update 3.5

The latest Hasselblad PHOCUS software update 3.5 for desktop improves the post-production potential for medium format photographers. Now let’s talk about the changes in the new PHOCUS 3.5 update.

Defringe Tool

The latest PHOCUS 3.5 software update allows Hasselblad photographers to quickly remove fringing issues via the new Defringe Tool. The Defringe Tool smartly removes traces of purple or green fringes without requiring manual efforts. However, complex shots with high contrast may require manual tweaking sometimes. To access this tool, you can either pick an area to obtain an automatic setting or find the tool in adjustment layers.

Enhanced contrast and brightness adjustments 

Thanks to the latest algorithm that allows the new Hasselblad PHOCUS 3.5 update to handle the image dynamics in a better way. Now you can adjust contrast and brightness with tighter control over luminosity.

New Luma Mode in the Curves Tool

PHOCUS 3.5 desktop software update also brings new Luma Mode to the Curves Tool. As a benefit, you can precisely fine-tune the image luminosity without going too hard on the RGB curves.

Upgraded processing performance

After upgrading to the latest software version, users will experience better export performance and rendering operations. This is because PHOCUS 3.5 utilizes more GPU than the previous software version.

Hasselblad PHOCUS Mobile 2 Update 1.0.1

The latest PHOCUS Mobile 2 update 1.0.1 adds lens correction support for the new Hasselblad XCD 45P medium format camera. Now the image processing software can immediately zoom and scroll images after they are loaded in the viewer. Hasselblad claims that the latest PHOCUS mobile update features various enhancements under the hood in order to provide a seamless mobile experience.

Download Links for Hasselblad PHOCUS 3.5 (Desktop) and PHOCUS Mobile 2 Update 1.0.1 Software Update

PHOCUS Update 3.5 (Desktop)PHOCUS Mobile 2 Update 1.0.1
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