Hoya Starscape Light Pollution Filter will Cut Artificial City Lights

Hoya filters just introduced a new exciting Starscape Light Cut Pollution Filter that targets astrophotographers. This filter features a special glass that will eliminate light pollution from sodium and mercury vapor lights found in cities. As a result, you get an image with much better contrast and colors.

Unlike other filters, it won’t introduce unnecessary colors to the image due to long exposures. Hoya Starscape will keep the colors natural and just reduce city lights with a green and yellow color cast. You can use this light pollution filter with a wide or an ultra-wide lens. To offer compatibility with different cameras, it will come in various sizes such as 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, and 82.

This astrophotography filter can deliver outstanding results with a sharper image but it will consume 0.5 f-stops of light or reduce it by 1.5 ND filter factor. However, these numbers will not impact the quality of an image. In terms of build quality, the company boasts the optics used in this light pollution filter promising better results than any filter in its class.

Hoya Starscape Light Pollution Cut Filter is expected to roll out in December 2020 but the pricing is still not clear.

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Ishaan Sarna

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