Moment RTRO Camera App Brings Retro Looks to the iPhone

Moment has launched a new camera app called “RTRO” on the Apple App Store for iPhone users that offers classic retro looks. Users can capture and edit videos in RTRO app with a maximum recording limit up to 60 seconds and share it on Instagram or export it to the camera roll in different formats. Moment RTRO app provides the option to select the camera lens of the iPhone, change looks and frame rates, enable subject tracking, desqueeze anamorphic footage, and more. While the basic/free version of the app, RTRO, is available for free, the premium / paid version RTRO+ comes at a price of $14.99 USD per year.

Moment RTRO App Features

60 Seconds Recording Limit with Multiple Clips

With a maximum recording limit of 60 seconds, RTRO forces the users to focus more on the content of the video. In those 60 seconds, you can add or edit as many clips as you want. All you have to do is pause the video and shoot it again. This way, each video clip will keep on adding to your story until you’re done or reach the threshold of 60 seconds.

Retro Frame Rates

Moment RTRO + camera app also features retro frame rates that can go down to 6 fps. Note that only the premium version of the app, which is RTRO+, will provide access to such frame rates. Following are the retro frame rate options available with the premium RTRO + app:

  • 6 fps
  • 12 fps
  • 18 fps
  • 24 fps
  • 30 fps

Real Time Subject Tracking

Another feature that you will only find the premium version of the RTRO app is the ability to enable real time subject tracking. As you press and hold on a subject on your iPhone screen, RTRO + will quickly initialize subject tracking.

Other Features and Looks

To shoot with a particular lens, you can select the iPhone lens directly from the app instead of auto mode. By swiping left or right on the screen, you can explore different looks or filters. RTRO features vintage inspired looks that are personally tuned by filmmakers. Examples include:

  • Desert
  • Sunset
  • Chromatear
  • Lilmood
  • Wingman
  • Aria

With the free version of Moment RTRO app, you get only 3 free looks. However, via In-app purchase, you can buy additional looks in the free version at a price of $1.99 USD. Below are the additional looks available as of now.

  • Wingman Look – $1.99
  • Cerulean Look – $1.99
  • ChromaTear – $1.99
  • Ranger Look – $1.99
  • DadCam – $1.99
  • Noir – $1.99
  • Sunset – $1.99
  • SpringBreak95 Look – $1.99

In the paid version, you get access to all of the available as well as upcoming looks. In addition, you can also edit watermarks in RTRO+.

Moment RTRO app also features the ability to desqueeze anamorphic footage right inside the app.

After you’re done, you can either directly upload your video to Instagram or export it to the iPhone’s camera roll. Multiple sharing formats are available in RTRO app such as 16:9, 4:3, and 1:1.

Moment RTRO (Free) vs RTRO+ (Paid) App

Looks3 (free)Full access
Real-time Subject TrackingN/AAvailable
Retro Frame RatesN/AAvailable

You can buy the premium version RTRO + in 2 ways. Either you can go with $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year subscription which will save you 38%.

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