Sony Firmware Update For a7R iv, a7R iii, & a7 iii Allows Flash Control Directly From The Camera

Sony just released its latest firmware update for a7R IV, a7R III, and a7 III full-frame mirrorless cameras that will allow you to control external flashes directly through the camera. To access this functionality, you must update the firmware version to 1.10 for Sony a7R IV, and version 3.10 for Sony a7R III and a7III.

As of now, this firmware update allows full compatibility with Sony HVL-F60RM and HVL-F45RM flash lights with firmware versions of 2.00 or later. Additionally, you can also make use of Sony FA-WRC1M radio control wireless commander as its new firmware with version 3.00 gets available.

Benefits of Latest Sony Firmware Update

With this latest firmware update, you can control all the functionality of the flash from the camera menu settings. Not only the flash settings are visible in the LCD screen, but you can also view them in the EVF (electronic viewfinder).

Any adjustments you make will reflect immediately on the flash display as well. Since all the settings are adjustable in the camera menu, you can even control the flash units that do not incorporate control buttons. Also, this latest firmware update lets you assign flash to a custom button. As a benefit, you can quickly access flash settings without navigating through the menu.

Another advantage of in-camera flash control is that you can view the flash settings in the same camera display language. With the help of Sony FA-WRC1M wireless radio commander, you can wirelessly control up to 15 flashes in 5 groups right from the camera.

Firmware Update Links For Sony Cameras

CamerasFirmware Update Links
Sony a7R IVVersion 1.10 (337 MB) – Windows
Version 1.10 (350.6 MB) – Mac
Sony a7R IIIVersion 3.10 (293 MB) – Windows
Version 3.10 (305.2 MB) – Mac
Sony a7 IIIVersion 3.10 (292 MB) – Windows
Version 3.10 (303.2 MB) – Mac

Firmware Update Links for Flash Units

Flash UnitsFirmware Update Links
Sony HVL-F60RMVersion 2.00 (5.41 MB) – Windows
Version 2.00 (1.55 MB) – Mac
Sony HVL-F45RMVersion 2.00 (2.76 MB) – Windows
Version 2.00 (1.93 MB) – Mac
Sony FA-WRC1MVersion 3.00 – Windows (Available Soon)
Version 3.00 – Mac (Available Soon)

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