Moment M-Series Lens Mount Widens Moment Lens Support

Moment has launched a new M-Series Lens Mount that will allow you to connect an external M-Series lens to the front or rear camera of almost any smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Before this mount, a compatible Moment Phone Case was needed to mount the lens. But the new M-Series Lens Mount features a multidirectional design with a thumbscrew that extends the Moment lens compatibility to a wide range of devices regardless of the camera placement.

Despite the compatibility disadvantage, the Moment Phone Case still provides a better user experience. But with the new Lens mount, you can still achieve the same results with a little bit of finesse.

Setting up the Moment M-Series Lens Mount?

In order to set up the new Moment M-Series Lens Mount, you first need to slide the frame on your device and line it up with the lens. Then carefully tighten the thumbscrew without losing the position. The screw comes with soft rubber contact points, so there is no need to worry about display scratches.

Will I benefit from the new Lens Mount if I already own a Moment Phone Case?

That depends! If you already own a Moment Phone Case for your smartphone, you already have the best solution for the M-Series external lens. However, if you plan on using the same lens on other devices, you will definitely benefit from the new M-Series Lens Mount. Note that the lens mount is not compatible with devices thicker than 10.75mm.

Pricing and Release Date

The new Moment Lens Mount will ship at a price of $29.99 USD and the release date at earliest is expected to be 20 March 2020.

Moment Lens Mount Specifications

M-Series Lens Mount
Device CompatibilityDevices below 10.75mm thickness
Lens CompatibilityAll M-Series Lenses
Dimensions1.75mm X 37.2mm X 29.5mm

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