Top 3 Travel Photography Tips for Taking Great Travel Photos

When this global pandemic is all over, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’d like to take a nice long trip to get out of the house. If that is your plan, this is the article for you! Before this quarantine hysteria, I had two wonderful trips, one to Hawai’i and the other to Ireland, and the photos I took there that launched my social media presence. Hopefully, these top 3 travel photography tips will help you to put your photos over the edge! 

Top 3 Travel Photography Tips
Photos from my trip to Ireland | Travel Photography Tips

Top 3 Travel Photography Tips

1. Get the right gear! 

I cannot stress this enough; the best photos come from having the right gear. It’s essential to have the right equipment, but you don’t have to spend a lot to get it. First and foremost, get the right bag, I use a Neewer Camera Case Backpack a durable and affordable bag for my camera and all the gear I carry. This bag has a great layout that keeps your lenses and cameras safe and small enough to fit an aircraft’s overhead compartment. 

When you’re on the go, you probably want to experiment with different lenses to get the shot that will put you over the edge. I suggest a fishing vest. Fishing vests are well made and have several compartments that can hold several lenses. I use the Kedera Men’s Mesh Fishing Vest; it comes in a few colors and is very comfortable to wear. What I like about this particular vest is that it can be stored in my camera bag. Of course, you should only buy gear that you can afford, but when traveling, you want something lightweight, easy to store, and is built to last. 

2. Practice at Home!

Before you go thinking, I jumped off the plane with a camera in hand and took great travel shots with no experience, that is not the case. I first worked on my skills at home. Do not think for a second that the world right outside your backdoor isn’t rich with photo opportunities. 

Top 3 Travel Photography Tips
Photos from around my town | Travel Photography Tips

As I’ve said before, your neighborhood and community are great opportunities to get practice in. The key is to get creative, shoot photos that might not be seen. Take photos that make people say, “Wow, I cannot believe such a place exists.” Try long exposure shots, which I discussed in a previous article. Try different angles, and try to enhance them in creative ways. 

3. Photograph the people! 

Every place you go has cultures and traditions that are worth documenting. The people of a place have culture and a unique identity that is worth photographing. My last trip to Hawai’i was one such vacation where I got to photograph the people and their customs in some eye-opening ways. 

Top 3 Travel Photography Tips
Photos of the locals in Hawai’i | Travel Photography Tips

The key to great shots of people is to be organic. Nothing is exciting about a portrait. It can be beautiful and look great on a Christmas card, but that’s not going to capture the essence of a place, and it’s people. Try and capture people in action. You will be surprised at the type of shots that you can get. 

As always, stay open for a great photo opportunity! 

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