Hive Lighting CX series Hornet 200-CX and Wasp 100-CX LED lights Announced

Hive Lighting just introduced its new CX series Hornet 200-CX and Wasp 100-CX LED lights that feature the same light quality and output as the C-series at an affordable price. Now, these lights come with a new Bluetooth antenna through which you can control them from up to 100ft. Hornet 200-CX consumes 150W whereas Wasp 100-CX LED light draws 75 Watts of power.

Both the light feature a high CRI of 98 and are completely dimmable from 100-0%. The color temperatures in Hornet and Wasp CX LEDs range from 1,650K – 8,000K. Not only do these lights support DMX connectivity, but you can also take control over these lights from your smartphone using Hive Shot App. Hornet 200-CX weight a little more at 2.2lbs than Wasp 100-CX which weighs 2lbs.

From a distance of 1.5 meters, the new Hive Lighting Hornet 200-CX and Wasp 100-CX can produce up to 1200 FC and 320 FC of Omni-color output respectively (with a super spot reflector). With the help of a 100mm diameter tube and Bayonet mounts, these LED lights are completely Profoto compatible supporting a huge collection of light modifiers such as reflectors, fresnels, softboxes, and much more.

These lights use Hive Lighting’s proprietary Omni Color technology that uses 7 and 5 color arrays with a combination of secondary and tertiary colored LEDs. As a result, you get the light with a full and even spectrum and you can take full control over hue and saturation. Moreover, these lights won’t cause flickering issues at any frame rate.

Using Free Hive Shot App, you can control the light with your smartphone get access to over 100 presets, gels, and animated lighting effects. Additionally, you can create your own custom templates too. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Active Cooling Technology

In order to keep the light temperatures under control, both Hornet and Wasp CX LEDs use Active Cooling technology incorporating a silent fan and an advanced heat sink. Along with that, an internal thermometer is also there to prevent overheating. In terms of construction, these LEDs use premium aerospace-grade anodized aluminum which makes them quite robust to withstand heavy use.

Hive Lighting Hornet 200-CX and Wasp 100-CX Specifications

Hornet 200-CXWasp 100-CX
SOURCEOmni-Color LEDOmni-Color LED
LIGHT INDEXUp to 98 CRI / 97 TLCIUp to 98 CRI / 97 TLCI
DIMMING 0 – 100% Control0 – 100% Control
COLOR TEMP 1,650K – 8,000K1,650K – 8,000K
AC POWER 100 – 240 V input100 – 240 V input
WEIGHT 2.2lbs / 1 kg2 lb / .9 kg
LENGTH 8” / 200 mm7.8” / 198 mm
DIAMETER 4” / 100mm4” / 100mm
MOUNTINGProfoto, Hive, AdaptersProfoto, Hive, Adapters


Hive Lighting Hornet 200-CX costs $1299.99 whereas the 75W Wasp 100-CX at priced at $799.99 USD. Note that these prices will vary according to the configuration.

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