Aputure MC LED RGB Light: Probably The Best Mini LED

There are lots of mini RGB LED lights in the market but this new Aputure MC LED is such a masterpiece with so many features that we can talk about it all day. The quality of this light is comparable to the most expensive lights in the market. A Sidus Link App is also available to connect Aputure MC LED with a mobile offering groundbreaking functionality which we will talk about in a moment.

What is RGBWW?

Unlike ordinary RGB lights, this Aputure LED is an RGBWW light. The extra “WW” in RGBWW is the abbreviation for two additional white LEDs. One of that is balanced at tungsten whereas the other is balanced at daylight. Due to this, Aputure MC does not have to rely on just RGB LED diodes to produce accurate color.

Color Accuracy

Talking of color accuracy, the numbers are pretty exciting. This mini LED carries 96+ rating for CRI/TLCI. For SSI (Spectral Similarity Index) Tungsten, it supports a rating of 84 and 74 for SSI Daylight. Aputure claims that MC RGBWW produces better skin tones than most of the LEDs out there in the market.

Additional Features

This light is also the first Aputure’s first RGB LED that offers functionality to control hue, saturation, and intensity. With this benefit, you can fine-tune your color requirements and light your scene accordingly. There are a total of 9 effects in this Aputure LED MC such as fireworks, lightning, cop car, fire, etc. But there’s more to it, you can create your own lighting animation effects using Aputure’s Sidus Link App. This is extremely helpful in certain scenarios to create a mood of a scene.

Another great advantage of this Sidus Link mobile App is the ability to extract color from your surroundings. Just point the phone’s camera to the area from where you want to pull a color, then just pick the color using a color picker mode. This feature can save lots of time for both directors and post producers as setting and matching the color of the lights manually can be very time-consuming.

Magnetic Mounting

Since mounting the lights and hiding their stands or just the light needs a lot of planning and again it takes a lot of time, Aputure MC LED can simply magnetically mount using built-in magnets. The lighting crew will know the importance of this and will definitely admire the magnet mechanism.

Connecting Multiple MCs

If you want more Aputure MC mini LEDs to communicate together, you can simply connect them via the Sidus App. You will have the ability to control up to 100 MCs simultaneously. Thanks to the built-in wireless network technology inside each MC light. Unlike other wireless systems that reduce strength when more devices are connected, this Aputure LED rather increases the wireless strength with each addition of MC light.

Aputure MC supports USB Type C port and offers PD Quick charging. What’s more? Even the hardshell case for these mini LEDs will have the ability to wirelessly charge the lights.

Pricing and availability

Aputure MC LED will be available 3 variations:

  • Individual
  • 4-Light Travel Kit
  • 12-Light Production Kit

Weighing at just 130 grams, this is one of the best mini RGB LEDs out there in the market. Check out the current pricing and availability of the individual unit.

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