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Meet the new Ikan exclusive Haida M10 Pro Filter Holder System that comes with a new quick-release clip design allowing smooth insertion and removal of filters. In this single system, you can pair up to three 100mm square filters with a drop-in CPL. Along with this filter holder, you also get a circular polarizer (CPL) and 4 adapter rings as well.

Setting Up Haida M10 Pro Filter Holder

In order to properly mount the Haida M10 Pro Filter Holder, you need to screw the adapter ring to the lens first. Then with the help of push-and-pull locking levers, you can easily install the holder. This new locking system makes it very easy to replace filters resulting in better workflow efficiency. Also, this system allows the holder to rotate 360 degrees with a fixing lock. As a benefit, you can easily position the graduated ND filters as per your need within seconds.

Adapter Rings

This Haida filter holder system includes four filter adapter rings consisting of 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm. So if you have any lens supporting any of these filter thread sizes, you don’t need to purchase an additional adapter ring.

External Dial For CPL

On the top of the drop-in filter slot, you will find an external dial that allows you to precisely rotate the circular polarizer (CPL) filter. Even if the 100mm wide and 2mm thick square filters are inserted in the holder, you can still easily adjust the intensity of the CPL by adjusting the dial.

Lighting Problem Solutions

Sometimes, you may not feel the need to use the drop-in CPL filter. In such cases, stray light can cause issues from coming in between the filter holder and the lens. To deal with this problem, this Haida filter holder system makes use of two gaskets that form a seal between filter holder slots.

Unlike cheaper alternatives, Haida M10 Pro Filter Holder System does not introduce vignetting on ultra-wide lenses.

Pricing and Availability

Haida M10 Pro Filter Holder System is available to order now at a price of $199 USD from Amazon. For storage purposes, you will also get a free leather case with this holder system as well.

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