DJI Announces Zenmuse XT S Thermal Imaging Drone Camera

DJI is taking a step forward in the thermal imaging drone segment by introducing its new Zenmuse XT S thermal imaging camera. With the help of an infrared thermal imaging sensor, DJI Zenmuse XT S can capture essential thermal data invisible to a human eye.

Incorporating a 19mm lens on a 640 x 512 radiometric sensor with a 25Hz refresh rate, this new DJI camera features high thermal sensitivity and resolutions in order to capture extensive thermal details. Supporting up to 4x digital zoom capabilities, Zenmuse XT S is able to capture crucial data even from long distances.

One of the greatest benefits of using thermal drones is the feasibility they offer in case of emergencies. For example, they can easily detect areas with gas leakages within a matter of seconds. Furthermore, they can detect overheating electric elements that can potentially cause huge losses. Instead of manually detecting the cause of trouble, firefighters can save huge amounts of time with thermal drones.

DJI Zenmuse XT S is compatible with Matrice 200 series and Matrice 200 series V2 drones. To establish a connection, you will need to connect with the DJI Pilot flight control app. With the help of this app, the operator can get a real-time view of thermal data directly on the mobile device.

Along with the live view, the DJI Pilot flight control app also offers several features such as:

  • Spot Meter
  • Area management
  • Temperature Alarm
  • Color Pallets
  • Isotherm

With the help of DJI Thermal Analysis Tool software, you can inspect even deeper details by adjusting parameters such as emissivity and reflected temperature. However, this Analysis software works with the R-JPEG image file format. So you cannot adjust such parameters in real-time.


DJI Zenmuse XT S is available to order now from DJI’s authorized enterprise dealers in select regions.

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