Canon Crowd Counting Technology Counts Thousands of People in Real-Time

Up until now, it was extremely difficult to monitor the crowd at large scale events to deal with situations such as congestion, disaster, marketing, etc. Now, with the new Canon Crowd Counting Technology, several thousand people can be counted in real-time. This technology uses deep learning to efficiently monitor the crowd and also measure the number of people in different areas.

Head Detection

Instead of face detection, Canon crowd counting technology smartly detects heads of each individual in the crowd. Either you can view the data in real-time or monitor it through a recorded video from the video management software. One of the greatest advantages of detecting heads in place of faces is that the software is able to track individuals even if the faces turn away from the camera.

Along with face detection, even body detection technology fails to monitor crowd data accurately the moment bodies overlap. With head detection, there is no such issue, and you will always get accurate results.

Calculates Crowd in Different Areas

In large scale events, congestions can occur very often. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to instantly detect specific areas of congestion. Now, you can even measure the number of people in certain user-specified areas with this Canon people counting technology.

Additionally, this technology also helps in tracking the need to place security personnel events such as large concerts. Furthermore, event organizers can keep track of the number of people attending the event. As you can see, there are countless benefits to this technology.

System Requirements

Surprisingly, the Canon crowd counting technology does not require bank-breaking GPUs to run this process. In fact, it can run smoothly on a consumer-grade PC even without a dedicated GPU. As a benefit, the cost of installation reduces by a significant margin.

In most of the countries, this technology is also known as Canon Crowd People Counter technology.

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