Fujifilm announces new longest & widest 8k Broadcast Lenses

Fujifilm is developing two new 8K broadcast zoom lenses. One of them is Fujifilm FUJINON HP66×15.2-ESM (HP66×15.2) which will be the world’s longest 8K Broadcast Lens with 1000mm focal length. Whereas the other one is Fujifilm FUJINON HP12×7.6ERD-S9 (HP12×7.6) that boasts the world’s widest focal 7.6mm focal length.

Fujifilm FUJINON HP66×15.2-ESM (HP66×15.2) 8K Broadcast Lens

The Fujifilm FUJINON HP66×15.2-ESM (HP66×15.2) 8K broadcast lens will come in a box-type shape offering world’s highest zoom magnification of 66x. The focal range of this lens starts from 15.2mm and goes all the way up to a massive 1000mm.

Fujifilm FUJINON HP12×7.6ERD-S9 (HP12×7.6) 8K Broadcast Lens

Featuring the world’s widest focal length of 7.6mm, the Fujifilm FUJINON HP12×7.6ERD-S9 (HP12×7.6) 8K Broadcast Zoom Lens can capture an entire stadium. Unlike the HP66×15.2, this lens does not come in box format. The longest focal length you can achieve with this lens is 91mm.

Common Features of the New Fujifilm 8K Broadcast Lenses

Both of the new Fujifilm FUJINON HP66×15.2-ESM (HP66×15.2) & FUJINON HP12×7.6ERD-S9 (HP12×7.6) 8K broadcast lenses equip aspherical and fluorite lens elements to control image distortion and light fall-off at image corners. Since both lenses offer extreme focal ranges, they utilize a high-performance optical image stabilization mechanism to compensate for vibrations or camera shakes.

Both (HP66×15.2) & (HP12×7.6) incorporate a 9-blade diaphragm that helps them to achieve astonishing bokeh. For an advanced level of focus precision, you can combine these lenses with Fujifilm’s focus position demand unit “FUJINON EPD-51A-D02/F03”.

These 8K broadcast lenses also feature Fujifilm’s HT-EBC technology. HT-EBC stands for High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating. This coating helps the lenses to achieve high contrast and vivid colors by enhancing the light transmittance.

Via 16-bit encoder, Fujifilm FUJINON HP66×15.2-ESM (HP66×15.2) & FUJINON HP12×7.6ERD-S9 (HP12×7.6) 8K lenses provide information about the zoom and focus positions as digital signals.

The new lenses can produce dynamic 8K UHD video tapping into Fujifilm’s high-precision forming technology that can polish the surface of lens elements on the order of nanometers as well as mechanical designing and assembling technologies that accurately place multiple lens groups into a lens barrel.

Fujifilm Corporation

Price & Availability

Fujifilm FUJINON HP66×15.2-ESM (HP66×15.2) 8K Broadcast Lens with the world’s longest focal range will release this Summer 2020. Whereas the Fujifilm FUJINON HP12×7.6ERD-S9 (HP12×7.6) 8K Broadcast Lens with the world’s widest focal range will be available by the fall of 2020.

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