Lomography unveils Babylon Kino B&W ISO 13 35mm Film

Lomography has introduced a new Babylon Kino Black & White ISO 13 35mm film that offers outstanding grayscale results. This low ISO film is a follow up to the recently launched Fantôme Kino ISO 8 film. In comparison, the new Babylon Kino black and white ISO 13 35mm film provides smoother transitions between the shades of gray whereas the Fantôme Kino ISO 8 aims for a more stylistic monochromatic look with punchy contrast.

For better control over exposure, Lomography recommends using camera and lens in manual mode with the latest Babylon Kino B&W ISO 13 35mm film. In addition, the company also recommends using the fastest lens possible.

New Lomography Babylon Kino Black & White ISO 13 35mm film with Different Developers

The table below mentions how the new Babylon Kino film works with different developers:

DeveloperImage Look
D-96Neutral / Even
(maintains noticeable grain)
Kodak HC-110Punchy
(more details & contrast)
Ilford Ilfosol 3Gloomy / Dramatic
(enhances gray tones)
Compard R09Rich Black Tones
Tetenal AusgleichsentwicklerBalanced Contrast

Due to the high dynamic range, the latest Babylon Kino Black & White film provides exceptional results when shooting portraits, candid close-ups, etc.

Even in extreme bright lighting conditions, the new film is capable of capturing soft tonal contrast.

Technical Specifications

Babylon Kino B&W ISO 13 35mm
Film TypePanchromatic Black & White
ProcessingStandard Black and White Process

Babylon Kino B&W ISO 13 35mm Price and Availability

Lomography is now accepting preorders for the new Babylon Kino B&W ISO 13 35mm Film at a price of $35.60 USD for 5 rolls. You can also go with the 10 roll option that costs $71.20 USD. Preordering these films will allow you to avail a 20% discount. In terms of availability, the new Babylon Kino film will shart shipping from July 2020.

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