Fotodiox Prizmo Jupiter18: A Multicolor LED That Doesn’t Require Diffusion

Meet the new Fotodiox Pro Prizmo Jupiter18 PZM-700 RGBW+T LED light that features a new round panel design and boasts outstanding color accuracy. Without requiring a softbox, Prizmo Jupiter 18 produces a beautiful softlight covering approximately 120 degrees.

Brightness and Colors

At 1 meter, this full color LED is capable of outputting up to 2100 lux at 6500k. While the CCT mode allows you to adjust the white light from 2800K to 10000K, the HSI mode provides full 360-degree color gamut control. Furthermore, the RGB+WT mixing mode helps to individually tweak colors such as red, green, blue, white, and tungsten.

In terms of color accuracy, the Fotodiox Prizmo Jupiter18 supports CRI and TLCI ratings up to 93 and 95 respectively.

Pre-Programmed Functions

To get going in seconds, Prizmo Jupiter18 comes with several pre-programmed filter modes that faithfully match industry-standard gels. In addition, it also features pre-programmed special effects such as police car, fire, party and fireworks effects. So without putting any effort, you can achieve creative results with a single LED light.

Control Options

In order to make adjustments, you can either access the controls on the back panel or tweak the parameters via DMX 512 controllers. The rear backlit LCD on the back panel displays all the essential information required to operate the LED. According to the company, a mobile app is also launching soon that will perfectly integrate with the Prizmo Jupiter 18.

Power and Battery

The new Fotodiox Pro Prizmo Jupiter18 draws a maximum of 100 watts of power and produces a powerful even soft light. Just below the control panel on the backside, there is a V lock battery mount where you can lock the AC adapter. Also, you can take advantage of a V lock battery to go wireless. On battery, this LED can run continuously up to 1.3 hours on a full charge.

What’s Included?

Along with the round panel Prizmo Jupiter18, you get:

  • 110-240v AC Adapter & Power Cord
  • 3-Pin XLR DMX Cable
  • Safety Cable & Allen Wrench
  • Mounting Yoke for 5/8″ Light Stand Stud
  • Fitted Custom Carry Case w/Shoulder Strap

Pricing and Availability

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Fotodiox Pro Prizmo Jupiter18 Specifications

Illumination Surface15.9″
LEDs700pcs Ultra Bright Chip LEDs
CRI / TLCI ≥ 93 / ≥ 95
Colors2,800K to 10,000K (±200) (CCT Mode)
Full RGB+WT Gamut with 360° (HSI Mode)
Brightness2800k: 1770 lux/1m
6500k: 2100 lux/1m
Beam Angle 120°
Color Temperature 2800 ± 150K – 6500 ± 200K
Wireless OptionsDMX 512
Remote Control
Mobile App
ConstructionAll Metal
MountYoke & Ball Head
WarrantyLimited 24 Months
PriceCheck current price

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