Arri unveils SRH-360 stabilized remote head & upgrades SRH-3

ARRI has unveiled a new SRH-360 Stabilized Remote Head that features endless 360-degree rotations around the pan axis and boasts 50% more pan motor torque than the predecessor SRH-3. Users owning the ARRI SRH-3 can also enjoy the same functionality of the latest ARRI SRH-360 via the new slip ring pan axis module upgrade.

Although these remote heads are compact and lightweight, they offer the highest payload in the market in their class. Just like the predecessor SRH-3, the new ARRI SRH-360 features a three-axis stabilized remote head that handles heavy camera setups up to 30 Kg/66 lbs.

Due to the higher torque, ARRI SRH-360 perfectly accommodates the need of filmmakers who shoot high-speed scenes that require high-speed camera movements. Even while shooting scenes with extremely complex and quick moves on uneven terrain, the SRH-360 provides unbeatable stabilization results.

Both ARRI SRH-360 and ARRI SRH-3 stabilized remote heads are modular and support full compatibility with ARRI accessories like:

  • DRW-1
  • DEH-1
  • Master Grips
  • SAM plates
  • RMB, UMA, and ARS brackets


The new ARRI SRH-360 stabilized remote head will start shipping from Q2 2020 along with the slip ring upgrade for SRH-3. ARRI says that neither the SRH-3 nor SRH-360 will contain radio modules. This is due to the discrepancies in the regional radio stations. Filmmakers can use the new ERM-2400 (2.4 GHz) and ERM-900 (900 MHz) external radio modules to avoid this problem.

New ARRI SRH-360 vs ARRI SRH-3 Specifications and Comparison

Stabilized Axis3 (Pan, Tilt, Roll)3 (Pan, Tilt, Roll)
Max. Payload30 Kg / 66 lbs30 Kg / 66 lbs
Height62.5 cm / 25.66 in60.8 cm / 23.93 in
Width41.2 cm / 16.22 in41.2 cm / 16.22 in
Depth Head15 cm / 5.9 in13 cm / 5.12 in
Depth Base24.6 cm / 9.68 in16.5 cm / 6.49 in
Ring Diameter26 cm / 10.23 in26 cm / 10.23 in
Ring Height center20.9 cm / 8.23 in20.9 cm / 8.23 in
Weight11 Kg / 24.2 lbs9 Kg / 19.8 lbs
Tilt Range (max)+60° / – 110°+60° / – 110°
Roll Range (max)+/- 90°+/- 90°
Pan Range (max)540° +/-270°540° +/-270°
Pan Rate (max)240° / Sec.240° / Sec.
Tilt Rate (max)240° / Sec.240° / Sec.
Operating Voltage Head24V – 36V24V – 36V
Output Camera12V & 24V12V & 24V
Current10 Amps10 Amps
LBUS SocketYesYes
RS SocketYesYes
SAM PlatesCompatibleCompatible

Statement from ARRI Product Manager (Camera Stabilizer Systems)

Unleashing the pan axis by adding a slip ring and a more powerful pan motor gives the cinematographer and camera operator the freedom to create moves and frames that they could not get before.

Curt Schaller, Product Manager Camera Stabilizer Systems at ARRI

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