edelkrone Controller: A new remote control alternative to the app

edelkrone has introduced a new wireless remote control alternative to the mobile app with the launch of the latest “edelkrone Controller”. Despite sharing similar features, the Controller does not overtake the power of the edelkrone mobile app. Some of the advanced features are still exclusive to the app. The new edelkrone Controller can instantly pair to the edelkrone sliders, jibs, heads, and dollies with a long wireless range and battery life.

edelkrone Controller Design and Features

On the top panel of the wireless Controller, there is a monochromatic information screen that displays all the essential parameters in use. Just below that, there are navigation buttons that will allow you to adjust speed, acceleration, and any axis including slide, swing, pan, tilt, and focus.

The three numeric buttons (1, 2, & 3) on the edelkrone Controller are the key pose buttons. The main purpose of these key pose buttons is to precisely save and recall different positions. To save a position, adjust the pose through the navigation pad first. Then press and hold any of the key pose buttons to save that position. At maximum, you can save up to 3 poses.

In addition, the edelkrone Controller also supports the functionality to loop between saved poses. Just press two of the appropriate key pose buttons simultaneously & it will put the device in a loop between those two positions. This is quite helpful if you’re a one man army.

Users owning the edelkrone products with the hand-control ability such as SliderPLUS, JibONE, and HeadPLUS, can enjoy the freedom of adjusting the poses without using the navigation pad. As a benefit, users can greatly accelerate their workflow and focus more on the creative aspects than technical.

Motion Sensor | Remote Control Motion Sensing via edelkrone Controller

Since the new edelkrone Controller equips a built-in high-resolution motion controller, it will allow users to direct the camera moves according to the Controller movements. How exciting and intuitive it is to control a camera move like that! At the time of this writing, the Controller does not support this feature but edelkrone will soon introduce this functionality through a firmware upgrade.

To get access to more advanced features such as automatic target tracking, sequencer mode, record mode, and stop motion, you will need the edelkrone mobile app.


To capture time-lapse with the new edelkrone Controller, you just need to input the duration, shutter speed, and interval along with two key poses. But again, you will need the mobile app to access advanced features like dynamic intervals.

Remote Control Wireless Range & Battery Life | edelkrone Controller

The new edelkrone Controller features a maximum wireless range of 82 ft (25m). It is compatible with all of the edelkrone sliders, jibs, heads, and dollies and supports instant wireless pairing.

To power the device, you will need two AAA batteries that do not come along. At full power, the latest edelkrone Controller can provide up to 4.5 hours of battery life.

edelkrone Controller Specifications

edelkrone Controller
Wireless Range (max)82 ft / 25m
Mobile Device Connection2.4 GHz direct link for inter-device communication
BLE for pairing / mobile phone connection
Power Inputx2 AAA batteries (available separately)
Battery Life (max)4.5 hours of continuous operation
Construction MaterialCNC machined aluminum
Stainless steel components
CompatibilitySlide Module v2
SliderONE v2
SliderONE PRO v2
Dimensions (L x W x H)3.93″ x 1.69″ x 0.78″
Weight3.52 oz / 100 g
Price$129 USD

edelkrone Controller Price and Availability

The new edelkrone Controller is available to order at a retail price of $129 USD.

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