Aputure unveils LS 60d & LS 60x LED with Spotlight Mini Zoom

Aputure has just announced the all-new Light Storm LS 60d and LS 60x LED lights featuring high output & high color accuracy under low power. In addition, Aputure also unveiled the new Spotlight Mini Zoom which is a projection lens that adds 2x optical zoom to the new LED lights. The Aputure LS 60d is a 5500k daylight LED that features a very bight output of 50,000 lux at 1m (15-degree spot) under just 60 watts. On the other hand, the Aputure LS 60x is a bi-color LED with adjustable color temperature (2700K-6500K) that offers lower output than 60d at 30,000 lux at 1m.

Both of the LED lights feature adjustable beam angle from 15 to 45 degrees. At 60W, these LEDs can produce brighter output than the 650W Tungsten light. In comparison to Aputure’s own Mini 20d and Mini 20c, the new LS 60d and LS 60x offer significant improvement over brightness.

Photometrics Comparison

LED ModelOutput at 1m (Full Spot)
Aputure LS Mini 20d10,000+ lux
Aputure LS Mini 20c4,200+ lux
Aputure LS 60d50,000+ lux
Aputure LS 60x30,000+ lux

Interestingly, the new daylight variant competes quite well against the 120d II. At 1m at 15-degree spot, the Aputure LS 60d can output 50,000 lux whereas the 120d II outputs 67,000 lux and that too with Fresnel 2x on it. From the calculation, the 120d II seems to draw much more power than the LS 60d to offer the same amount of light (just in spot mode).

In terms of color accuracy, both the Aputure LS 60d and LS 60x provide a high CRI of 95 and TLCI of 95 as well.

Due to the small and compact size, these LEDs support Aputure’s MINI mount. If you already own Bowens style modifiers, there’s no need to worry as the new Aputure LS 60d and 60x LED lights also ship with the Bowens mount lens adapter. Additionally, you also get barndoors along with these LEDs that will allow you to get tighter control over the light spill.

Along with the AC power adapter, you can power both LS 60d and 60x via DC battery input as well (via V-mount or dual Sony-NP-F battery plate adapter that comes along).

To ensure silent heat dissipation, these LED lights incorporate a low-noise 8dB cooling fan. According to Aputure, both LS 60d and LS 60x carry IP54 rating which makes them weatherproof.

Lighting Effects

While maintaining high color accuracy, these LEDs can also emulate various lighting effects that are otherwise hard to emulate in a studio. Furthermore, the lights are totally controllable via the Aputure Sidus Link app through a Bluetooth connection. Following are the lighting effects supported by Aputure LS 60d and 60x:

  • Paparazzi
  • Fireworks
  • Lightning
  • Faulty bulb
  • TV
  • Pulsing
  • Strobe
  • Explosion

Note that only Aputure LS 60x will be able to produce lighting effects with color shifts due to bi-color support.

Aputure Spotlight Mini Zoom

Along with the LED lights, Aputure also unveiled the new Spotlight Mini Zoom which is a projection lens with 2x optical zoom support. It comes with built-in shutters, drop-in iris, and 10 M-size gobos. At 5m, the Aputure Spotlight Mini Zoom can project a circle from 1.4m to 2.8m while keeping the edges sharp and clear.

New Aputure LS 60d & LS 60x Specifications & Comparison

Aputure LS 60dAputure LS 60x
Color Temperature5500K2700 to 6500K
Beam Angle15 to 45°15 to 45°
Photometrics (15°)50,000 lux at 1 m30,000 lux at 1 m
Color AccuracyCRI 95
CRI 95
Power SourceAC Adapter
External Battery
AC Adapter
External Battery
Cable Length19.69′ / 6 m19.69′ / 6 m
Battery Plate Adapter2x Sony L-Series (NP-F)2x Sony L-Series (NP-F)
Dimming0 to 100% (Continuous)0 to 100% (Continuous)
IP RatingIP54IP54
Operating Temperature10 to 45°C10 to 45°C
Cooling SystemFanFan
Housing MaterialAluminumAluminum
AvailabilityQ3 2020Q3 2020

Aputure Light Storm LS 60d and LS 60x Price & Availability

Currently, there are no details on the pricing of the new Aputure LS 60d and LS 60x LED lights. According to the company, these LEDs will be available by Q3 2020.

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