Canon EOS Ra Mirrorless Camera Offers Modified IR Filter with 30x Zoom

For the first time ever, Canon has launched a full-frame mirrorless camera that specifically targets astrophotographers, Canon calls it EOS Ra. Just like Canon EOS R, the Ra model will feature the same 30.3 MP CMOS Sensor. However, it includes an additional IR filter that can allow 4x more hydrogen alpha rays at the 656nm wavelength, when compared to EOS R. As a result, you can get deeper red hues to capture astonishing nebulas.

Since the infrared filter is placed directly in front of the image sensor, this camera will “only” be suitable for night sky astrophotography. With the 30x magnification power, you can focus more precisely on the target area. Also, this camera can easily pinpoint dim stars that are barely visible. To gather enough light in deep black scenes, Canon EOS Ra full-frame mirrorless camera supports an ISO sensitivity ranging from 100-40000 for stills with 5.36 μm square pixel size.

Canon EOS Ra will also boast the Digic 8 image processor just as in EOS Ra. The Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus performance is also impressive with 5,655 AF points. Canon claims that it is capable of delivering sharp focus within 0.05 seconds. There will be scenarios when you will mount the camera to a telescope. The vari-angle LCS touchscreen comes in handy in those situations for easy navigation or composition purposes.

In terms of video quality, this Canon mirrorless camera can shoot up to 4k resolution at 30 fps. You can also output 10 bit 4:2:2 video via an external recorder. It would’ve been nice if there was an option to record 10-bit video internally. Anyways, EOS Ra shines in capturing intrinsic details desired for astrophotography.

Pricing and Availability

Canon EOS Ra Full frame mirrorless camera will support RF mount lenses. With the EF-EOS R lens adapter, you can also use EF mount lenses with this camera. EOS Ra will start shipping in December costing 2,499 USD. You can click here to preorder this camera on Amazon.

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