Zhiyun Crane 3S Gimbal handles higher payload w/ new motors

Zhiyun recently introduced its latest CRANE 3S gimbal that features a new modular design along with new SUPER motors that allow this stabilizer to handle a higher payload. Going a step ahead from the CRANE 3 LAB, the new gimbal offers a detachable second handle with two options (EasySling & SmartSling Handle). Zhiyun CRANE 3S also boasts a new three axes locking system and improved algorithm for responsive speed and smoothness.

Zhiyun Crane 3S Gimbal Features

New SUPER Motors

The new and improved motors inside the latest CRANE 3S gimbal allows it to handle a higher payload of 6.5 Kilograms. So now, it is possible to mount a large range of cinema cameras from manufacturers like Blackmagic, Canon, Sony, and RED.

Modular Design

CRANE 3S comes with an extension module that users can attach on to the roll axis for larger cinema camera combos. In case of DSLR combos, you can easily remove the extension module for greater portability.

Unlike the CRANE LAB series, the new Zhiyun CRANE 3S gimbal features a detachable second handle with two options (TransMount EasySling Handle and the TransMount SmartSling Handle). With the EasySling handle, you can extend the grip of the gimbal for a better underslung shooting experience. Whereas the SmartSling handle aims at providing intuitive control panel experience.

New Locking System

Thanks to the new locking system in the latest Zhiyun CRANE 3S that locks all 3 axes without noticeable swinging. And the double lock support ensures that the entire system is safe.

Upgraded Zoom & Follow Focus System

Due to the improved zoom and follow focus system, CRANE 3S now supports larger lenses as well. The white board on the focus wheel helps the user to mark the follow focus range. Via SmartSling handle, you can directly control the zooming range. Note that the SmartSling handle does not come along with the CRANE 3S-E package. Only the CRANE 3S and CRANE 3S Pro packages come with SmartSling.

Longer Battery Runtime with the New TransMount PowerPlus Battery Pack

CRANE 3S gimbal now supports the new Zhiyun TransMount PowerPlus Battery Pack that houses six 18650 batteries. This compact power bank can charge both the camera as well as the gimbal. Without the PowerPlus battery pack, CRANE 3S can provide a runtime up to 12 hours with three 18650-format batteries. Whereas with the battery pack, the six 18650 batteries independently provide 18 hours of runtime for the gimbal.

New Algorithm

Zhiyun claims that the new algorithm in CRANE 3S gimbal dramatically enhances the speed responsiveness to provide even smoother cinematic results. Even in fast action shooting scenarios, CRANE 3S maintains its stability regardless of high winds or G-forces.

Zhiyun Crane 3S Gimbal Compatibility

Due to the modular design, the new Zhiyun CRANE 3S is highly compatible with motorized dollies, jibs, cable cams, Easyrig, etc.

CRANE 3S also supports Zhiyun TransMount Image Transmission Module that enables video streaming functionality up to 3 monitoring devices. To establish a communication between gimbal, camera, and monitoring devices, the ViaTouch 2.0 system in the ZY Play app comes in to play. This system allows a user to remotely control almost every parameter of the gimbal.

Zhiyun Crane 3S Current Price and Availability

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