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VR market is growing exponentially and so is the support for 360-degree content across the web. Recently, Ricoh announced its new Theta SC2 360 4k camera which is a successor to the Theta SC. It incorporates a new image sensor that promises accurate results without any chromatic aberrations. Additionally, Theta SC2 features several shooting modes such as Face, Night, Lens-by-Lens Exposure, as well as Underwater mode.

On the bottom section of this 360 camera, there is a new 0.5-inch organic EL (OLED) panel that comes with automatic brightness adjustment. It will display essential information such as remaining battery and various setting modes. In terms of video resolution, Ricoh Theta SC2 now supports 4k (3840 x 1920 pixels) video resolution instead of Full HD as in Theta SC. The maximum bit-rate support is also improved with 54 MB/s over 16 MB/s. For stills, SC2 offers the same 14 MP (5376×2688 pixels) image resolution as its predecessor. Also, the internal memory now offers 14GB instead of 8GB capacity.

Shooting Modes

Face Mode

Now let’s check out the various shooting modes. With the Face mode, Ricoh Theta SC2 will recognize human faces and automatically place them at the center. Moreover, it will make use of exposure compensation as well as noise reduction to apply skin smoothing resulting.

Night View Mode

For low light shooting, you can take advantage of its Night View mode. In this mode, Theta SC2 makes use of dynamic range compensation and noise reduction by the process of image compositing. As a result, the images turn out to be noiseless even in low lighting scenarios.

Lens-by-Lens Exposure mode

Next, the Lens-by-Lens Exposure mode. This mode is especially helpful when you’re in a situation where brightness levels vary a lot. For example, you’re shooting inside a car and it’s quite bright outside. In this scenario, this new Theta 360 camera will control both the lenses individually and adjust the brightness accordingly. So you can avoid lost details such as blown-out highlights and shadows.

Underwater Mode

Lastly, the Underwater mode, this mode provides the control to adjust the white balance for shooting underwater. Bear in mind that Ricoh Theta SC2 is not a waterproof 360 camera, you will need an additional waterproof housing to protect the camera.

Just like the older version, SC2 supports the same f/2.0 compact twin-lens folded optics system. However, due to the new image sensor, it outshines the original SC in terms of image quality. Exposure accuracy and white balance algorithms are also much better than Theta SC. In addition to the built-in WiFi, Ricoh Theta SC2 360 4k camera now also provides Bluetooth connectivity. You will also find a new self-timer button which is very helpful to operate the camera in a standalone manner.

In comparison with Theta SC, SC2 offers 4 times faster transfer rate, thanks to the top/bottom correction process. Basically, the top/bottom correction was performed earlier at the time of video transfer, but now it happens during video playback resulting in substantial transfer speed gains. Ricoh Theta SC2 includes a new Animation Photo function that will display the spherical image as an animation with just a single tap. You can view these animations in IOS devices as Live Photos or in Android devices as videos.


Ricoh Theta SC2 4k 360 portable camera costs $299.95 / £269.99 and comes in pink, blue, beige, and white color options.

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