Aputure LS C300D II vs C300D | Comparison

Aputure LS C300D Mark II is an upgraded variant of the 300W “LS C300D” COB LED light from the Light Storm lineup. It comes with a higher (350W) power rating and costs more than the original model (LS C300D). Is Aputure LS C300D II really a worthy upgrade to the predecessor LS C300D? Let’s compare Aputure LS C300D vs C300D II and see if the upgraded variant offers a better value for the money.

Price Comparison | Aputure LS C300D vs C300D II

Model NameRelease DatePrice
Aputure LS C300DSeptember, 2017Check Price and Availability
Aputure LS C300D IIJuly, 2019Check Price and Availability
Price Comparison | Aputure LS C300D vs C300D II

Aputure LS C300D vs C300D II

Maximum Power Rating and Light Output

Before the Mark II upgrade, LS C300D was the brightest light in the Aputure’s Light Storm lineup with a 300W power rating. The light output of C300D is equivalent to a 400W HMI. While C300D outputs 78000 lux at 1 meter (with the Fresnel 2X), the second generation LS C300D II offers around 20% brighter output at the same distance. So we get 90000 lux light output with C300D II (with the Fresnel 2X) at 1 meter.

The difference in light output arises due to the power rating. Aputure LS 300D II comes with a 50W higher power rating than the predecessor C300D, (350W vs 300W). And the light output of C300D II is equivalent to a 575W HMI. In terms of efficiency, the newer Aputure LS 300D II offers higher light output per watt than the LS 300D.

Winner: Aputure LS C300D II (Amazon) – Offers brighter light output per watt.

Color Temperature, TLCI, and CTI

Both Aputure LS C300D and its successor LS C300D Mark II delivers the same color temperature and TLCI value, and an almost same CTI value. If you are looking to upgrade your C300D for a cooler or warmer temperature, upgrading to LS C300D II won’t make enough sense. Rather, look for something like Aputure LS 300X that features variable color temperature.

The color rendering of skin tone is better in LS C300D II with 91.1 for R9(Red) whereas the LS C300D only scored 83.1. This is a significant development in terms of the quality of the light from the original model.

Winner: Aputure LS C300D II (Amazon) – Offers better color output

Dimming Control

Aputure LS C300D provides decent control over the light with its control box. The light can be dimmed from 100% to 10% in the gen 1 model. But the upgraded LS C300D Mark II has a better control box and a better light dimming capability, from 100% to 0%. The Mark II also features 4 dimming curves: linear, logarithmic, exponential, and S-curve.

Portability & Mount Options

Aputure LS C300D was designed to be portable and only weighed less than 5 lbs. The successor C300D Mark II follows the same pattern and is very easily portable. Along with the portability, C300D Mark II included the 360-degree rotatable yoke as well. This feature will let you setup up the light in any favorable way. Also, both models use the same reflector mount, the universal Bowen’s S-Type. This will let you upgrade to Mark II without any accessory upgrade and might save you a lot of money.

Winner: Tie

Other Features

Both, Aputure LS C300D and C300D Mark II feature a similar V-mount or Gold-mount battery plate. You can shoot at 50% intensity with one battery, and 100% intensity with two batteries. This gives you the freedom to explore and without worrying about a power socket.

Both models also feature a remote to control the lights. However, the C300D has a better range of 150m than the 100m range of C300D Mark II. The Aputure LS C300D II also supports remote control from a smartphone app with BlueTooth connectivity.

Even though the first generation C300D featured a control box, the Mark II version is a whole new level. It provides absolute control over the lighting and also features 8 in-built effects, explosion, faulty bulb, TV, strobe, paparazzi, lightning, fireworks, and pulsing.

Also, the Aputure LS C300D Mark II also features a better and silent cooling system than the noisy cooling fan in Aputure LS C300D. In addition, it lets you turn off the fan if you need complete silence while shooting videos. This can be very appealing for those who shoot videos indoor and do live recordings.

Winner: Aputure LS C300D II (Amazon) – Offers better wireless range, better cooling system, and offers automated lighting effects that are otherwise hard to produce manually.

Specifications | Aputure LS C300D vs C300D II

FeatureAputure LS C300DAputure LS C300D II
Power Consumption300 W maximum350 W maximum
Operation Current3.5A3.5A
Power SupplyAC100~240V 50/60HzAC100~240V 50/60Hz
LED TypeChip on BoardChip on Board
Output ColorSingleSingle
Color Temperature5500K ±200K5500K ±200K
Photometrics (with reflector)11000 lux at 1m45,000 lux at 1m
TLCI≥ 96≥ 96
CRI≥ 95≥ 96
Accessory MountBowens S-TypeBowens S-Type
Size343.5 x 305.91 x 186.3 mm298.4 x 215.6 x 344.5 mm
Cooling SystemFanFan
Dimming10 to 100%0 to 100%
Wireless Range150 m100 m
DMX Connector5-Pin XLR5-Pin XLR
Battery Plate2 x V-Mount, Gold Mount2 x V-Mount, Gold Mount
PriceCheck Current PriceCheck Current Price
Specifications | Aputure LS C300D vs C300D II

Our recommendation: Aputure LS C300D II (Amazon) – It definitely offers better value for money than the predecessor C300D.

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