3 Legged Thing Announces Pro Range 2 Leo, Albert, & Winston Tripods

After introducing the new Legends Range, 3 Legged Thing is announcing its latest update to the Pro Range tripods (Leo, Albert, and Winston), the Pro Range 2.0. It features new detachable legs, knurled lock caps and collar, as well as a new leg lock design.

Detachable Legs

Since these new Pro Range 2 Tripods come with detachable legs, you can also use them as a monopod or a boom arm. In place of detachable legs, you have the option to mount 3LT’s footwear such as Heelz, Stilettoz, Clawz, and Vanz. All of these tripods ship with Rubber Bootz to provide a solid grip (also available in the previous range).

One of the greatest benefits of additional footwear is the amount of versatility you get with a single tripod. The different types of footwear let you place the tripod on uneven surfaces or areas such as loose ground where the tripod will face stability issues. Furthermore, you can make use of these accessories to take low height shots using the tripod as a mini-tripod.

New Leg Locks

Pro Range 2 tripods now boast updated leg locks that use a new Chicken Lips (shims) design. These leg locks provide enough strength to bear heavy loads without losing stability. According to 3LT, these are the most functional and stable tripods they have ever produced.

Knurled Lock Caps and Collars

All of these new tripods now use knurled lock caps and collar in order to provide a better grip. Even the AirHed Pro AirHed Pro-Lever (sold separately but also comes along with a kit) also support knurled knobs.

Weight Tolerance

Both Leo 2.0 and Albert 2.0 can handle loads up to 30kgs whereas Winston 2.0 can bear 10kg more with a total of 40kg of tolerance. Unlike cheaper alternatives, these tripods don’t lose stability even under a maximum specified load.

Just like the previous range, these tripods will offer the same tri-mount plate giving the ability to mount multiple accessories at the same time. Pro range 2 tripods will also support carbon fibre body material in order to maintain the lightweight.

Pricing and Availability

All of these new Pro Range 2 tripods (Leo 2.0, Albert 2.0, and Winston 2.0) from 3 Legged Thing are available to preorder now. In terms of pricing, Leo 2.0 will cost £219.99/$259.99 for tripod only and £289.99/$339.99 for Leo 2.0 Kit that includes an AirHed Lever as well.

Albert 2.0 and Winston 2.0 will include AirHed Pro instead of AirHed Pro-Lever with the Kits costing £349.99 /$449.99 and £379.99/$479.99 respectively. Individually, Albert 2.0 and Winston 2.0 tripods will be available for £299.99/$349.99 and £329.99/$379.99 respectively.

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