Roland V-8HD Video Switcher Features 8 HDMI Inputs

Meet the new Roland V-8HD video switcher that features a total of 8 HDMI input sources two of which boast built-in scalers. In addition, it includes several beneficial features such as layer effects, presets, automatic video switching, and more. For audio, Roland V-HD8 incorporates an 18-channel digital audio mixer which makes it an ideal choice for small crew productions covering live events.

Built-in Scalers

The built-in scalers allow the V-8HD to correctly integrate with sources like smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and legacy 4:3 devices. These scalers do an amazing job of scaling different resolutions to an optimal one without introducing distortions.

Video Processing Features and Technologies in Roland V-8HD Video Switcher

Supporting video resolutions up to 1080p at 60 fps, the new Roland V-8HD video mixer can process 8 bit 4:2:2 videos. However, not all HDMI channels support such resolution and frame rates. Even if there is a discrepancy between frame rates and color spaces, V-8HD bears the potential to seamlessly mix all of those sources.

With the 4.3″ multi-view display, you can take a glance at all of the 8 HDMI channels as well as essential information such as audio controls and more.

V-8HD boasts the ability to automatically trigger the Atomos recorders to start and stop recording. Also, it comes with three automatic switching modes:

  • Input Scan switches
  • Preset Memory Scan
  • BPM Sync

To get into the creative zone, Roland V-8HD video switcher provides up to five composition layers. As a benefit, you can add video effects or other creative elements in real-time.

Up to 8 memory presets are available for instant storing and recalling. In live events, this function really comes in handy as there is no room to waste time fiddling around with the settings.

Roland V-8HD also comes with wind noise reduction and de-essing features to deal with challenging environments.


Weighing just around 2Kg, V-8HD is both portable as well as rugged. The body is pretty solid and feels premium. Unlike other high channel controllers, this switcher is very easy to set up in almost any scenario. And it also supports an external battery power.

Wireless and External Control

For wireless operations, you can operate this Roland video switcher via the V-8HD remote control app for iPad. Most of the controls are accessible in the remote app including switching functions, virtual faders, effect parameters, and more. This significantly enhances workflow and productivity without harming the budget. To get even more out of V-8HD, you can use the BOSS footswitch to get control over 100 commands.

Roland V-8HD Video Switcher Price and Availability

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