Canon IVY REC Comes out in Carabiner Style Design

Canon announced a camera with an unusual but exciting design. It looks just like a carabiner and has a clip too so you can hang it anywhere you want. Because it’s so small with a unique style, you can possibly also use Canon IVY REC Digital Camera as a spy cam.

It is capable of producing high-quality JPEG images with a 13 MP CMOS sensor. You can also record Full HD videos at 60 fps. There are no manual exposure settings, you have to rely on camera’s automatic setting. Video recording limit is set to 10 minutes.

To store the images and videos, Canon IVY REC will connect to your phone via Canon Mini Cam App through either Bluetooth or Wifi. You can access different shooting modes by adjusting the Multi Mode function.

If you like to have internal or external flash as a part of your shooting process, you should look for something else as it does not support either option.

This portable camera is water resistant up to 6’6”. Interestingly, it is capable of bearing shocks and drop falls from a height of 6’6″ too.

There are three different color options such as Avocado, Dragon Fruit and Riptide. The specifications of all three models are the same and the face-plates are interchangeable too. It is both an affordable and a unique portable camera at a price tag of $129.99

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